Two Mondays in May

Dear Dulcimer Friends

We have two opportunities to play and learn coming up in May. Dean and our library room are available for a special extra session!

Monday, May 13  Tumwater Library  10 to Noon

This is a regular circle with our typical warm up and list of tunes. 

May Playlist

Buck-eyed Rabbit
Gray Cat on a Tennessee Farm
Hills of Connemarra
Squirrel Heads and Gravy
Nutfactory Shuffle* 

Soldier’s Joy
Mes Parents
Blue Skies (new piece shared by our Joy K!)
Parson’s Farewell
Sandy River Belle

Songs with chords
Mississippi Sawyer

 * See Dean’s wonderful example on youTube here:  and a rift version here:

Monday, May 20, Tumwater Library 10 to Noon

From Dean:

We’ll cover:

  • How to take a tune from TAB to memory
  • A variety of techniques to take that simple tune and play the melody in different ways to add color and interest
  • Methods for playing with others even if you don’t know the tune
  • How to write your own tunes using a variety of techniques
  • Tips and tricks gleaned from 40 years of playing

Thank you, Thank you, to Dean and Elaine for helping our circle grow and stay connected! 

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