September 2018

Dear Dulcimer Friends,

A very full summer is galloping to a close and a Fall Full of Dulcimers is on the horizon. We have the Tumwater Library meeting room for Wednesday, Sept 5 from noon to three.
Suggested play list includes a warm up of Liza Jane, Grey Cat on a Tennessee Farm and Old Joe Clark. 
Then we can mix the new with the familiar with this list:
  • Bonaparte’s Retreat
  • Cherokee Shuffle
  • Mes Parents
  • The Star Spangled Banner
  • Soldier’s Joy
  • Waterbound. 
Why the Star Spangled Banner when we’re well past the Fourth of July?  Well, we have one of the nation’s most important mid-term elections ever coming this November. Let’s encourage every American to participate by voting. If you feel inspired to share our national anthem with other groups, well, you’ll have the sheet music to do so!
Looking forward to October, we have the Tumwater Library room for Saturday, October 6, again noon to three. Fall weather goes well with the Aeolean mode (tune strings DACC), so we can play some of the tunes in the back of the notebook.
There should be time for requests and for whatever the tide brings in. If you’re sharing new sheet music, it’s nice to have about a dozen copies just in case we have a large group.
I hope everyone had a marvelous summer and I look forward to seeing you this fall!
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