July 2019 Gathering

Monday, July 15th at 11AM (At the Griffin Fire Station) will be a circle gathering for us rather than our regular class so we can practice tunes and songs with everyone that can attend.
(We are still meeting on Monday, July 8th at 11AM for class as usual)

Here is the proposed playlist for July 15th:

Old Joe Clark
Buck-eyed Rabbit
Old Gray Cat 
June Apple
Mes Parents
Mississippi Sawyer
Soldier’s Joy

For Sing along/Chords we could choose from:
This Land is Your Land
For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

Those last two (Clementine, For he’s a Jolly Good Fellow) aren’t in our notebooks but Ellen has tab/chords and lyrics. They’re easy and she will bring them on the 15th (even if we don’t use them, folks can have them).

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