Class Updates and Downloads

Our weekly class is meeting at Griffin Fire Dept., Monday from 11 – 1pm and is open to all levels. 

I’d like to do a couple of warm up tunes so how about Lisa Jane and Mes Parents. 

We will be continuing with Here Comes The Sun and I have posted an updated TAB for both 3 string and 4 string Equidistant on our Class page. Here they are as well:

Here Comes the Sun Part 2 – 3 String
Here Comes the Sun Part 2 – 4 String

Stephen will help us practice playing and singing and will teach an intro to music theory for dulcimer.

As a class we will work together to write the next phrases for our hammer on/pull off tune. Not only will we learn slides but we will begin learning techniques for writing phrases and assembling them into a tune. Over the course of the next few weeks we will finish writing our hammer on/pull off tune (and come up with a name), then we will start writing a new tune together. 

I will TAB out the tunes as we write them so everyone will have their own copy.

We are going to work from 11 – 12:30 with the final 1/2 hour for free time and to get additional questions answered. We’re covering a lot so we are going to start promptly at 11:00.

Also I want to remind everyone there will be no class, Monday July 29 as we will be recovering from KG (The Kindred Gathering) in Silverton OR.

More details and directions for the Kindred Gathering to follow.

Happy Strumming

July 2019 Gathering

Monday, July 15th at 11AM (At the Griffin Fire Station) will be a circle gathering for us rather than our regular class so we can practice tunes and songs with everyone that can attend.
(We are still meeting on Monday, July 8th at 11AM for class as usual)

Here is the proposed playlist for July 15th:

Old Joe Clark
Buck-eyed Rabbit
Old Gray Cat 
June Apple
Mes Parents
Mississippi Sawyer
Soldier’s Joy

For Sing along/Chords we could choose from:
This Land is Your Land
For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

Those last two (Clementine, For he’s a Jolly Good Fellow) aren’t in our notebooks but Ellen has tab/chords and lyrics. They’re easy and she will bring them on the 15th (even if we don’t use them, folks can have them).