Two Mondays in May

Dear Dulcimer Friends

We have two opportunities to play and learn coming up in May. Dean and our library room are available for a special extra session!

Monday, May 13  Tumwater Library  10 to Noon

This is a regular circle with our typical warm up and list of tunes. 

May Playlist

Buck-eyed Rabbit
Gray Cat on a Tennessee Farm
Hills of Connemarra
Squirrel Heads and Gravy
Nutfactory Shuffle* 

Soldier’s Joy
Mes Parents
Blue Skies (new piece shared by our Joy K!)
Parson’s Farewell
Sandy River Belle

Songs with chords
Mississippi Sawyer

 * See Dean’s wonderful example on youTube here:  and a rift version here:

Monday, May 20, Tumwater Library 10 to Noon

From Dean:

We’ll cover:

  • How to take a tune from TAB to memory
  • A variety of techniques to take that simple tune and play the melody in different ways to add color and interest
  • Methods for playing with others even if you don’t know the tune
  • How to write your own tunes using a variety of techniques
  • Tips and tricks gleaned from 40 years of playing

Thank you, Thank you, to Dean and Elaine for helping our circle grow and stay connected! 

April Gathering

Our April play date is Wednesday, April 17 from 12:30 to 3 – at the Tumwater Library – Looking forward to seeing you all!

What makes a Play list?  We try for a combination of the old and the new plus the easy and the more challenging. For our Spring lists, we’ll take some things out of our history books and leave room for your new finds. Please DO bring along new pieces and we’ll give them a try.  Plan on 8 to 10 copies, please. (There is a copy machine at the library). 

Let’s begin here and add in as you like:

Buck Eyed Rabbit
Old Gray Cat on a Tennessee Farm
Texas Waltz
Squirrel Heads and Gravy
Ashogan Farewell
Black Mountain Rag
Parson’s Farewell
Sing-A-long with chords 
Soldier’s Joy

Some of these are not in the binder distributed last fall but may be in your files. Extra copies will be available at each meeting.