We are a loosely organized group of folks who live in Western Washington state and like mountain dulcimers.

Mountain dulcimers are the potato chips of the musical world. It's easy to start and hard to stop.

Come and join us anytime! See below for our current schedule:

~ Club Events ~

Special Classes and Regular Meetings

May 20, 2019

Ellen contacted Griffin Fire Department but their scheduler is out for the week AND Monday is Memorial Day so the scheduler won’t be back until Tuesday.

As a result, we are tentatively scheduling as follows and will follow up if anything changes.

  • Monday, June 3   Griffin Fire Department 11 to 1 Dulcimer Class
  • Monday, June 10  Regular Circle meeting, Tumwater Library 3 to 5 p.m. 
  • Monday, June 17, Griffin Fire Department 11 to 1 Dulcimer Class
  • Monday, June 24, Griffin Fire Department 11 to 1 Dulcimer Class

A reminder for those attending the Dulcimer Class: remember to bring a capo and have in mind a favorite song you would like to learn to play.

If you have the TAB for your song that’s great as we will also cover how to memorize from TAB.

We will also be starting to learn the tune “Here Comes The Sun” arranged by David Schnaufer. If you would like to try the video slow-down trick, here’s a link to his video – note David plays an original tune then starts Here Comes The Sun at around the 2:55 mark – this link takes you directly there :

We will also be starting a brand new tune – and we are going to write it together! You’ll learn tips and tricks for writing your own tunes!

I will incorporate videos demonstrating things we cover in class so you can relax and learn at your own pace.

This is NOT an advanced class: it is simply another approach to learning the dulcimer and can be enjoyed by absolute beginners to advanced players. It can be as easy or challenging as each individual needs.

If you are interested in joining us for this class it’s not too late and there is no pressure to be at every class. Life happens and schedules conflict and it’s not a problem. This is intended to be long term class so come as often as you like. And of course it’s free.

If you would like to ask questions or make requests or suggestions please email me at dean@elvensong.com

Thanks to everyone who decided to “put themselves out there”. We’re going to have a wonderful time! 

It was wonderful to meet some former members who have returned: Virginia, Tom and Julie we are so happy you joined us!

And a very special thanks to Ellen for taking care of the scheduling and especially for creating this wonderful circle!

Keep strumming!